"Arrived With Kids" is a website whose mission is to provide you with all the relevant information you need when you arrived with children in a new city.


It is a source of information made by parents for parents, the content being based on parent recommendations versus sponsors.

My name is Audrey and I am the founder of “Arrived With Kids”. I always loved traveling and I have done so since I am 16, through internships abroad, backpacking and afterwards through my career. I have lived in 8 different countries and visited many more. Traveling was always easy and smooth especially when hotels, cars, restaurants were booked for me through a corporate travel center.

It became a little more challenging when my husband and I starting moving countries with a growing family. I found that finding schools, doctors, activities was almost a full time job. Wherever we landed I was able to find a lot of information through Yahoo groups or Facebook pages but they were not always user friendly. I was seeking for recommendations that I could trust rather than just random information on the internet.

We arrived in Cascais, Portugal last year with our 4 children and we went again through the same process of settling in as we did in London, Los Angeles or Antwerp where we previously lived. After having spent many months gathering all the information I needed for my family I thought I might as well share it with other people and make their life easier. This is where the idea of “Arrived With Kids” came from. Having a place where parents could find all the information they need to settle smoothly in a new place with their children. A platform where they can easily access relevant and trusted information or have the ability to ask other parents through the local forum.

So I asked my friends around the world to share with me all their favorite places. Cascais, Portugal is the first city to be launched as a pilot. The idea is to then replicate the model to cities around the world, Los Angeles being the next city on the list!

This website is made by you for you. I hope you can find what you need and share your favorite places if they are not already referenced. In addition to your recommendations, we would love to hear any suggestions you have for the site.

Travel on!